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SolutionWorks is your go-to for comprehensive automotive solutions.

The SolutionWorks Difference


Our response times and turnaround times are unparalleled. Tell us what you need and we'll get it done.


We finish our jobs 100% and nothing less. Not only do we get it done, but we get it done right.


You're dealing with the pros. Our people are head and shoulders above the rest. We expect it, and we model it.

Energy and Drive are in our DNA

We can’t help it — we’re just wired differently. 

When you work with SolutionWorks, you reap the benefits of our fanatical, TCB (taking care of business) work ethic. 

We show up with a job to do, and we get it done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, RIGHT. We don’t wait for the work to be brought to us, we dive in headfirst to custom tailor and execute your solution, because we care about our customers. We will work hard to build your trust and establish a long-standing relationship. This mindset is interwoven into our company culture. 

When you work with SolutionWorks, you can be confident we’re working hard and giving nothing less than 100%. 

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