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How can we help you!? Keeping your business as usual after Hail has damaged your inventory has to be in the front of your mind. We can minimize the impact that burdens your dealership. We have the best people, processes and technology that makes inventory assessment and repairs as seamless as possible. Let us help! We can alleviate the difficulty of either damaged inventory due to hail or day to day lot damage. We have the best technicians in the industry to deliver quality repairs and service.

Vehicle Repair Services


Have those unwanted dents, dings and creases removed without repainting.


We understand how disruptive a hailstorm is on your business. Here at SolutionWorks we have teams ready help.


SolutionWorks has experts to remove and clean a variety of surfaces that have been damaged by discharge from manufacturers, painters and/or the natural elements.


Need that smoke odor or soot removed, SolutionWorks has the solution!

Vehicle Appraisal Services

Hail, flood, or wind? SolutionWorks has expert appraisers ready to process your loss and get you back in business.


Need peace of mind knowing your employees and customers are safe in their place of business or vehicle, SolutionWorks has the solution.

Partner with SolutionWorks today Partnering with SolutionWorks can help you meet high-volume repair needs with unparalleled commitment to craftsmanship. Together we can create a team capable of handling high-volume repairs seamlessly, with impressive skill and knowledge.

SOLUTIONWORKS ABILITY TO DEPLOY LARGE, EXPERIENCED TEAMS TO EFFICIENTLY RESTORE MANY VEHICLES IN IMMEDIATE NEED OF REPAIR IS UNMATCHED. We understand your business and how disruptive a hailstorm can be. But don’t worry. will respond quickly to begin repairs on sold units – in most cases before your insurance company has finished estimating your inventory. We make it seamless for you to continue your business as usual. We have the best team, accurate pricing, OEM quality standards, we are fast & effective, offer a full warranty, as well as electronic tracking & reporting.

Don’t see your exact need? SolutionWorks has custom solutions for any need!

SolutionWorks Commercial Fast Track

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