SolutionWorks is an innovation-focused company dedicated to improving transparency and efficiency with rework repair, damage assessment, and vehicle inspections.

We understand that things don’t always go to plan. SolutionWorks experts know exactly what to do! With teams ready to mobilize, our expertise delivers the perfect formula of people, processes, and technology, ensuring a customized solution wherever it’s needed.

Vehicle Repair Services

Auto manufacturing is fast paced and constantly evolving with advancements in technology. SolutionWorks has experienced and knowledgeable staff to solve your make ready, repair, and rework challenges! 

Diagnostic, Electrical & Mechanical Solutions

SolutionWorks has high quality experienced technicians available nationwide to provide a wide spectrum of IP/ Programming, Mechanical, Diagnostics, Electrical, and EV/ Hybrid battery solutions.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Paintless Dent Repair is the perfect way to remove unwanted stamping defects or transport dents without the need to repaint. SolutionWorks has the experts to make them disappear. 

Overspray & Contaminant Removal

SolutionWorks has experts to remove and clean a variety of surfaces that have been damaged by discharge from manufacturers, painters and/or natural elements.  

Hail Damage Repair

SolutionWorks’ ability to deploy large experienced teams to repair hail damage and return business to normal is unmatched. 

Smoke Restoration

Need that smoke odor or soot removed? SolutionWorks has the solution!

Flood Remediation

Our initial focus will be removing at-risk items to reduce losses, while quickly extracting the water to prevent mold or other health concerns. 

Make Ready Solutions & Rework

Paint Correction

SolutionWorks can help eliminate severe swirl marks, scratches or imperfections in the paint to avoid trips back to the paint booth.

Remove & Replace Defective Parts

In factory or in transit, SolutionsWorks has trained technicians to remove and replace defective parts.

Accessory Installation

When production demands become too much, SolutionWorks has professional technicians ready to step in to install accessories.

Vehicle Inspections

SolutionWorks has experts to complete vehicle inspections to ensure quality that meets your expectations.

Vehicle Wrapping & Vinyl Film Removal

Installing and removal of vehicle wraps / paint guard films.

Panel Adjustments

When production demands become too much, SolutionWorks has professional technicians ready to step in to realign panels to proper gap specs.

If you happen to be an auto distribution facilities manager or operations manager, you have no doubt found yourself with extraordinary production expectations. SolutionWorks can step in with experienced and knowledgeable staff that can help meet these production needs such as vehicle inspections, reworks, auto detailing, film removal and other preparation services.

Projects & Capabilities

Here are just a few examples of how we come through for our OEM clients. 

Windshield Replacement - 2023

  • A world class automobile manufacturer requested a 10-man team to replace 800 windshields on luxury SUVs.
  • A team was mobilized within a few days of the request and a procedure put in place for the replacement.
  • Project Duration – 6 weeks – FINISHED IN 2 WEEKS!

IP Rework - 2023

  • A world class automotive manufacturer requested a 20-man team of technicians to perform a complete instrument panel (IP) removal and repair on luxury SUVs.
  • A team was mobilized within 4 days of the request and a procedure put in place for the replacement.
  • Project Duration – 3-6 weeks

World Renowned OEM

  • 24-hour car tagging – Coolant filling and 100% test
  • Vehicles needed to be intercepted during the assembly process to bypass one part of the system and be tested for battery failure.
  • The SolutionWorks team identified and tagged the vehicles for further completion at EOL to complete the omitted steps.

SUV World Premier Show Car

  • SolutionWorks technician was asked to join the team preparing the show car for its reveal at the Shanghai Automotive Show.

World Renowned OEM

  • SolutionWorks techs trained in record time for leather repair on a high-end SUV.
  • Joined the exclusive team of technicians and engineers working on the premium line of vehicles.

Aftersales Division of a World Class OEM

  • Requested technicians for programming of vehicles arriving from overseas.
  • SW quickly responded within 72 hours and provided support.

Port Work

  • SW provided technicians and painters at the Aftersales Division of a world renowned OEM for the finishing of vehicles prior to shipment overseas to the end customer.