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Body Shops

Partner with SolutionWorks to maximize repair opportunities, grow your client base and increase revenue. Our team of veteran hail experts utilize industry partnerships to increase traffic to your shop, capture more repairs all while providing best in class technicians and cutting edge claims management solutions.

Vehicle Repair Services


Paintless Dent Removal is the perfect way to remove unwanted dents, dings and creases without the need to repaint. SolutionWorks has the experts to make them disappear.


SolutionWorks managers and technicians understands the need to maximize the revenue opportunity while providing unmatched quality and service in the process.


SolutionWorks has experts to remove and clean a variety of surfaces that have been damaged by discharge from manufacturers, painters and/or the natural elements.


Need that smoke odor or soot removed, SolutionWorks has the solution!


Need peace of mind knowing your employees and customers are safe in their place of business or vehicle, SolutionWorks has the solution.

Vehicle Appraisal Services

Need resources when all hail breaks lose? SolutionWorks has hail experts ready for admin, estimating and operational support to help you maximize the opportunity!

PARTNER WITH SOLUTIONWORKS TO CREATE A REPAIR TEAM CAPABLE OF HANDLING HIGH-VOLUME REPAIRS. Partnering with SolutionWorks can help local repair professionals meet the significant demand for repair after a major event and allow them to continue taking care of their regular bodywork clients. Together, our combined repair teams can meet the high-volume demands with unparalleled commitment to craftsmanship.

SolutionWorks Claims Fast Track

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